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Making Of

Take it easy! Lightweight construction at its best

The construction of a product representative for what we are capable of, who we are and where we want to go is an idea, which influences Kämmerer for a while now.

The mython should be convincing in all sectors: design, conception, development, kinematics, electrics and electronics. The realisation of the project’s highlights required maximum know-how and skills. The project is rounded off by an entertainment system with navigation system and internet access, a CFRP body according to Monocoque building methods and self-locking roof kinematics.

The manufacturing took place in Hamburg and lead to a fruitful cooperation with Mobec (sidecar combination builder from Esslingen am Neckar), who built the framework of the motorcycle combination. Meant for batch production, the prototype production in CFRP sandwich
and the mould construction for batch production became important in CFRP sandwich infusion.

The result is impressive.


Step by step towards success

The mython is not only a motorcycle combination but an extraordinary vehicle with extraordinaryfeatures.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, this is why we will show you how the mython developes. How an idea and a concept becomes the most effective business card of Kämmerer Group.

A flagship of the company’s potential. After the hardening of the laminate, most of the foam was removed. Only the core, which is needed for the sandwich construction, was grounded into shape. Subsequently we used the vacuum method to laminate the CFRP inner surfaces with
the required reinforcements. These work steps will later on be carried out in a single work step. The aim will be to produce the bodywork via vacuum infusion process.

The surface was edged, filled and coated with spray-on filler in order to prepare it for varnishing and carbon fibre application. While we were at it, we did the same with the Harley. Appropriate to the sleek sidecar, the engine also received a CFRP Monocoque with customised line layouts. Various technical details, adjustments and special requests are currently being realised by sidecar combination builder Mobec. As soon as these works are finished and the combination is back in our halls, we will perfect the technical refinements.

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