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mython - Harley V-Rod Edition

Axle pivot steering

The mython is fitted with an ASL 1000 system from the Mobec company.

The new ASL 1000 system consists of two conventional trailing arms. Steering force from the handlebar is transferred by a rod directly to the wheel. 
The system can also be retrofitted to existing combinations.

The system was re-engineered in 2012 and now comes with twin brake discs. 


* Trail is continuously adjustable
* Wheel camber and track can be adjusted
* Road wheel variations from 4.0 x 15" to 8.0 x 19"
* Wheelbase can be made to suit
* Large steering angles to left and right

 Technical specifications:

* ABS compatible
* Two motorbike brake discs
* Two Brembo brake callipers
* Wilbers gas-shock / riding height, rebound and spring rate adjustable
* Maintenance-free car links
* Maintenance-free car-type wheelbearing unit 

Wheel suspension

Front wheel: Mobec ASL 1000. Innovative axle pivot steering of the latest generation with twin brake system and Wilbers mono leading link, rebound and spring basis adjustable

Sidecar wheel: progressive link fork system by ARMEC with Bilstein gas-shock, spring basis adjustable

Rear wheel: Original Harley-Davidson swing arm with Bilstein gas-shocks, spring basis adjustable 

Brake systems

Composite brake pedal acting on all wheels. ABS compatible. 

Twin-action handbrake for front and sidecar wheel. ABS compatible.


Directly controlled torque rod steering

Convertible top kinematics

Automatically lowered Targa element with kinematics of modern hardtop convertibles

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